V1.5 GFC for 6’ Tacoma

Currently on a 3rd gen Tacoma. Would consider trading for a black or silver mid or high rise topper. Comes with: -2 beef bars
-front wind fairing
-plaid fitted sheet covers
-updated latches that all have a single matched key
-updated doors/hinges
-double tent windows
-front and rear cab windows
-awning brackets

I will get some photos of it popped open later today. Located in Colorado Springs. Asking $6750 OBO

Hey there! Definitely interested in this for our 1st Gen Tacoma, assuming V1.5 means it fits cross-generations like a V1 does? Will try to figure out how to send you a DM!

I’ve been told by other users it will fit a first Gen. I cannot confirm though.

Cool! I expect that’s the case too, but have reached out to GFC to confirm.

Is this still available?

Is this available?