V1 barrel locking screw

New to me V1 first trip in Death Valley shook loose my barrel adjustable handle.

Going to try McMaster-Carr P/N 5720K11 and see how they go.

I like looking at the handle and knowing that’s it probably tight to hold the cam in place.


Looking forward to hearing how this goes as I sometimes struggle with the original ones

I’m headed back to DV in two weeks. I’ll post then.

I was impatient and kept getting my fingers stuck when unscrewing the original screw things so I have also done this little upgrade. Used some blue locktite to keep the everything in place. Will report back on my findings after beating things up a bit over the next week or so :slight_smile:

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Nice. I definitely need to dial it in with the loctite. I want to find the spot where it’s always in the same position. May need to add a washer / shim. It’s not easy to twist once closed and opening and closing cause the tent to push out.

Headed to DV tomorrow morning. I’ll report back Monday.

I hope it’s a good idea and works for you.

They worked great. I turn them out 90 degrees to open and close them and then turn them to tuck them in. Easier than fitting my fingers in there to pry them open.

I was moving fast in the desert and crawling quite a bit. I saw no movement in them.