V1 camper 2012 Silverado ex cab for sale 35,000

GFC: V1, new upgraded embassy hinges, camper has been lightly used so it is like new. 4 GFC yakima round bar mounts

2012 Silverado Z71: 149,000 miles, rough country LED bumper, rhino lining in the back, one owner, 90% of miles on the interstate, Active Fuel Management (AFM) removed so it runs on 8 cylinders all the time, 20 inch black rhino wheels, tires are at the end of their life.

This truck would be perfect for exploring and hunting. If someone had land and wanting to camp near their hunting spot so they could hunt it early morning, this is your ideal truck. I have been the only owner of this vehicle. I have taken good care of this truck and planned on keeping it forever but 4 kids later I need more room. I have taken this truck to Yellowstone and many other national parks and loved it.

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Email me at reese_truett@yahoo.com
Or text to 479-206-4401

I live in Northwest Arkansas.

Addition: the truck front end has been raised to level the truck.

I thought recognize those cliffs… gotta love NWA and the Buffalo River. GLWS!

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