V1 GFC For Sale tundra 6.5 Bed

No longer available. Thanks for the interest

Howdy! What gen Tundra will this fit? We have a 2011 6.5ft bed and wondering if this might fit.

Good luck with the sale. Hope to see a GFC on the Gladiator! Gladiator gang!

It was on my 2nd gen and came off of a 2013.

Definitely getting another when I get the new ride!

Quickfist axia mounts are also included. Also the mattress has been upgraded with sleep on latex. It’s super comfortable. I’ll put it against anyone else’s mattress! And it’s covered with like new blue flannel sheets!

Still got it. New rig on the way

Still up for sale.

Still for sale?

Yes, I still have it. I sent you my contact info.

Hey man do you still have the GFC? I’m super interested and would love to take it off your hands. Please let me know how to contact you

Hey sorry for the late reply.