V1 Hatch latch help

Anyone wanting to sell me some V1 hatch latches? They are not longer made. Or, does anyone have a DIY ideas?

did you contact GFC or check the Southco website?

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Did you see this thread?

Has some other threads inside it, for other reference.

I am about ready to buy some replacement latches for my V1. Let me know if you want to start another group buy.

Thanks for all the responses but I was talking about a way to lock the panel from the inside like jedf use to make for the V1. Something to secure the door when inside by not get locked in.

Copy–I have a couple of door locks that Josh Edgar made for V1s. I don’t know if he can make any more.
I just deal with the V1 door latches–takes some wiggling the key.

SW - Tacoma I’m interested in 6 replacement latches for my V1.

Yeah, I don’t have to much issue with the locks from the outside but wanted some of those inside latches that Josh use to make.

Paracord with an adjustable bowstring knot, when inside every bit secure as the lock.

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Honestly I have the interior locks and have not used them a single time. I figured if I am inside it is just like a tent and not what one would call a secure location so I don’t even think of using them.

Nice and simple…thanks!

You want to sell them to me?

Don’t see why not. What are they worth? What is your zip code for shipping

Looks like from the forum search they were $60 when they first came out and then jumped to $75 after that. Both with shipping included. What’s it worth to you? 59847 zip

I use this on my V1. Works great for $12.