V1 latches.. opening from inside?

I just picked up a used V1 and I am amazed that the basic functionality of being able to lock and then unlock yourself from inside the lower portion of the camper with the tent closed was not built into these. I have read people saying there is a fix figured out for this but I cannot find it anywhere. Has anyone developed a modification or way to operate the latches from inside? And I don’t mean just tying a string to hold the door closed or something, I mean actually getting the latches to be operable from inside or a similar work around that is similarly secure.

This is obviously important for stealth camping situations. My first thought is lock the latches in closed position with the door ajar so you can’t end up locked inside, bolt on a chain like on the inside of hotel doors and then hang a curtain rod across the rear door to cover the gaps. But that just seems like a ridiculous workaround to what should have been an essential function.

Especially crazy that if you have the door closed with the latches open and someone came along and just clicked your latches shut you are trapped inside.

I have these made by Josh Edgar Designs. Not sure he makes these anymore but they work great. Slide over the frame tabs when the rear panel is closed. Easy to lock and unlock the rear panel from inside the camper.

If you can’t get a pair, you could always try to fabricate your own.


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I would love to know if you find a solution for this as well!