V1 mounting brackets - for alu cab awning

2x standard mounting brackets
1x custom billet aluminum bracket for alu cab 270 awning

This is for V1 campers.

I can send pix to your cell phone.

$250 + shipping from Vancouver BC

This is the last bit of kit that I have left. $200.

There has to be someone out there with a V1 that has or wants an Alu-cab 270!

I paid way more than this!

I paid 400 bucks just for the corner mount. Somebody come and get this so I don’t have to look at it anymore. :smile:

Make me an offer. It’s just sitting in my garage collecting dust. Corner mount and 2 standard V1 awning mounts. I sold the Truck, GFC, and awning.

I just came across these in my pile o crap. Somebody needs these. I’m sure I spent at least 500 bucks on all if it. It’s not doing me any good.

I’d be willing to consider trades for something interesting as well. Located in Vacouver BC but I travel a lot so can easily post from the USA to save money.

Come and get them!!!