V1 on 2019 Ranger: large rear door seal gap

Anyone else with a late-model Ranger and a V1 with a sizeable gap between the rear door and the top of the tailgate? Unsurprisingly I get a ton of dust in there in the Summer, and also moisture. Does anyone have any hot tips? There is a tall seal available for the v1, but the description says that it should only be for 1st and 2nd gen Tacomas.

Can you buy a sweep off a V2? The V2 has a flap that closes the gap. Works well for me.

Edit: I looked at mine and I do not think it would work. I’m sure you can buy one similar but with a different orientation. Here’s a picture for reference.

Yeah, I think the bottom of the V2s are horizontal, right? I tried to find a similar design sweep to the V1 online, but I haven’t found anything yet. I suspect even the taller V1 option might work better, even if I have to trim it, but they don’t include pics of both so I have no idea what the relative sizes are.

I know for the Tacoma and the V1 the seal is different for the second and third gen Tacoma due to the design difference in the tailgate.

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Yeah, I’d love to see a side-by-side of both of those seals, but I’m tempted to just buy one and deal with trimming it myself, if needed.

The seal for the 2nd Gen Tacoma is taller than the 3rd Gen Tacoma on the V1. I tossed the shorter seal (my V1 was originally on a 3rd Gen) but the taller seal measures approximately 1.85". I believe you have the short seal.

GFC has both available on their website under spare parts.

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Thanks so much for that pic/measurement! :raised_hands: