V1 RTT for Sale

Howdy folks,

I’m selling my RTT. I bought it in July, and haven’t used it since September. It’s in great shape. I live in Bozeman, MT, and can install the RTT if you’d like. Asking $3300

Here are a few photos, but let me know if you’d like any specific shots.

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Currently still available. I’m asking $3300 with the mounts (mounts are $250 new). The beef racks have sold.

Eli, I am interested in the RTT. Could you be more specific on what exactly is included?

It comes with the Universal Mounts from GFC, which enable it to be mounted to pretty much any truck topper or rack system on the market. I had it mounted directly to the Thule style tracks on my RSI cap, but would work with any track system. That mounting kit includes all the parts necessary for mounting to a truck or SUV. Though if you want to mount it to a 4runner or similar, then you’ll need the 4runner specific mounting kit from GFC. It’s the newest version of the V1 tent, so it has 3 doors, 2 inch mattress, and I’ll throw the red plaid GFC sheets in as well.

Hi Eli is this still available?

Is this still available?