V1 switch from gen 3 to 2

There are a couple gen 3 campers (v1) for sale, members here have stated that a v1 will fit both but a new door may be needed because of tail gate differences. Does anyone know for sure?
Buying a 6k long distance camper only to put it on and have not fit would be a pisser. And before I get encouraged to search old posts I have been reading this forum for a while.
That being said I will read links or explore as directed.

I bought an older v1 camper that had been built for a gen 2 tacoma and it’s fine on my truck (2018 Tacoma). I don’t know when they swapped out the bottom part of the back panel to fit the gen 3 tailgate but I think it was when they swapped to the v2 camper.

Let me know if you want to see pics of fitment on tailgate.

My understanding is that the V1 camper only needs the bottom rubber trim piece swapped when going between gen 2 and 3 tacomas. If you try to put a V2 camper on a gen 3 from 2 or vice versa, thats when I believe you have to swap the whole rear panel. This is all based on previous reading, so do with it what you want.

Yes V1 will fit gen 1 2 or 3 assuming same size bed. just need to switch out rubber seal or can reverse the gen 2 on to work with your gen 3 (might need to trim a bit off it) thats what we did for a while whilst waiting for the “factory seal’