V1 Tent Fabric “snap” insulation

Greetings GFC community. I am new to the forum, but not to owning a GFC. I was one of the folks who jumped in on the original Tacoma World thread, when GFC wasn’t even real yet, they were just seeing if there was interest based on an idea and a rendering. I threw my $500 deposit in and a few months later I had the 15th (or there abouts) GFC ever produced delivered to me at my work. Since then I have spent many nights camping in the Sierra mountains, the California Coast, I lived in the camper for a summer when I first relocated from Santa Cruz CA to Flagstaff AZ. And still love the camper all these years later. Now, living in a place that sees all 4 season I have taken an interest in upping my set up to be better suited for winter camping. I recently bought diesel heater, and during a recent night in sub freezing temps, testing the heater a flaw that has always bothered me about the v1 tent really stood out. The way that the v1 OG tent snaps in lets A LOT of air through. And when that air is freezing cold, it can really affect your sleep, even with a good bag and heater going. So I did some research and found at Home Depot this Emseal Universal seal tape. This stuff is construction grade, conforms to gaps, expands to seal well, and hardens up nicely once installed. I just installed yesterday, on a cold winter day here in Flagstaff and can say after install, just sitting in the camper I noticed a considerable amount less draft through the tent. I figured I’d pass this tip along as in my search I haven’t seen much posted on this topic, likely due to most people have a keder rail type tent attanchment that GFC went too in the campers post the original ones.


Great tip and pretty awesome to see a true OG GFC!


I’d love to see that heater set up coming out of the cubby, as I’m about to do something similar with my taco to get heat downstairs in my GFC

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Can definitely send you some photos and details on how I am running that set up!

Nice! How does having that impact closing things down? I am constantly having to poke zippers in when I have much bedding near the sides of my V1

I did notice it being slightly more difficult to close, but definitely manageable.

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Does this wick up water? I have water in my track when raining.

I would think it would also help with possible water intrusion in those tracks? Though I am unsure as I haven’t tested that yet. That being said, I have never experienced much of an issue with water getting into the tent through those gaps, it was always just the cold air that bothered me the most. On the other hand, my nights in heavy rains are very limited in the GFC.

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