V1 vs V2 water shedding

I was going to add this to the Water Intrusion thread, but didn’t want to hijack that thread. I’ve been following that thread…
Can anyone explain how the V1 and V2 platform campers shed water? Different or the same basic water shedding design?


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While less familiar with the V1, and hearing they leak less (citation needed), I do recall an issue where water was getting into the steel tubes of the frame and getting trapped in there and causing them to rust from inside. I think this was ultimately solved with welded on bungs serving as drainage holes - again, this is just based on something I believe I once read.

One thing that might matter here - those old tents were snapped on. This likely means they overlapped the frame of the tent and that overlap may have prevented water. The new ones and their keder cord seem to be coming down to the top top surface of the bottom of the tent and fitting into a channel. Perhaps we are onto something here…?