V2 - 2nd Gen Tacoma Build

Thank you to everyone for contributing to this community. You have all given me numerous ideas as I build out my setup.

Prior to getting the GFC, I have had a BedRug lining the bed for a couple of years now and have really liked it, so I added outdoor carpet to the design.

Even though I have had the camper for about a month, I finally got around to making a drawer.

My main goal with the drawer was to enhance the usable space around my Gunner G1 Kennel (size Intermediate). With this goal in mind, I made the drawer narrow enough that I can keep the kennel in the bed on the driver’s side of the drawer.

I also made the drawer the height of the wheel well. This not only reduces dead space above the kennel but allows me to keep the kennel slightly more to the passenger side of the vehicle which improves visibility through the rearview window slightly. There are D-rings allowing me to secure the kennel to either the front or the back of the drawer. Lastly, I didn’t intend for this, but there also is just enough room between the kennel and the tailgate for the square mattress pad, which makes the drawer act as a nice bench seat, too!

I also installed some hinges so the top panel lifts up on the front corner allowing me to access the stock bed storage compartment.

To divide up the space in the drawer, I cut removable spacers that slide into grooves cut into the sides of the drawer. Here are some additional pictures of it outside of the truck.

Overall, it was a great project and I am really happy with how it turned out.


Nice work on the drawer! Looks really good.