V2 6.5ft 2021 Tundra Camper for Sale

Selling my V2 camper for my 2021 Tundra. It’s only a few months old, and in perfect shape. Located in Bozeman. If you’re interested, then I’ll sell the truck with it :wink: Camper specs outlined below:

All black everything
No panel windows
Double side doors
Stone grey fabric
Two Beef Racks
VRNCLR Bedding Catch
Red Plaid Sheets
I have some other goodies I can throw in as well.
I am also happy to install the camper for you.
Price: $8500 OBO

Hit me up with any other questions!

sent you a private message

Still available! Hit me up if you’re in the market for a long bed tundra camper!

Hey Eli! Is this still available? Im a new member so I can’t DM you

Hey Kenny,

It is still available. I’ll Dm you.