V2 Build Spot #2635

Invoice has been sent (build should be late Jan - Mar, offered as early as Jan 20th if invoice is paid within the next 3 days). Any modifications to the build are still available as I have not sent in the payment for the invoice. Just looking to get my $500 deposit back. Thanks!

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is this still availabile?

dm’ed you @chad_chinchilla

Still available? Would be interested

Yes still available. I will DM you @Toyotafreaks

Surprised no takers yet. Willing to knock off $100 so willing to take $400. If this is up it’s available.

Bumping this build spot. Still available!!

Can it still be customized? and how early could i pick it up? Thanks

I am interested in your spot if its still available. I would be ready to move pretty quick on it.

dm’d you both directly with my info. Will update thread if one of them takes it

Bumping as this is still available

Still available? Tysonatleo@gmail.com

@Tyzae12 Replied to your email

Spot has been sold. Thanks everyone