V2 Camper 3rd Gen Tacoma DCSB $7500 Oklahoma

Looking for a GFC but don’t want to wait a year to obtain it? Skip the SUPER LONG/UNKNOWN wait times and the new $750 price increase on the camper.

Bronze unit #5087. Picked up from Belgrade in May 2023. Grey tent with side doors. Front/rear windows.

Upgrades: Ladder with Mantis hooks, Overland Softgoods 1inch foam mattress topper with flannel fitted sheets. LED light strip inside rear panel. Rear grab handle. Two 100watt Renogy Solar panels mounted to custom built roof rack for sell as well if interested.


Selling because I’ve used it less than expected due to work. Need $ for another project. The camper has only been slept in 8 nights total since I got it. Perfect condition. No issues.

Located in Oklahoma


Still available?

Any chance you would be able to meet between OK and CO?

Is this camper still available for sale?

hi, still available?

Hello, I’m very interested and can meet in ok if still available

Still available?

The camper is still available!

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Hi @pswill is this still available?

Hi, is this still available? Where in Oklahoma? I’m in Missouri and could come pick it up.

Did this sell I’m in Oklahoma

Camper still available. Skip the wait-list!

@pswil Would like to talk to you about this

@pswil Hi there, I’m interested in purchasing this from you! Please shoot me an email if you get a chance. petrichorwatersciences@gmail.com
Thank you!

Txt me, I’ll likely be in Dallas next week and can pick it up on my way there! 808 375 5922

Heyhihello! Shooting my shot to see if this is still available. 10/10 would love to take this off your hands for ya, let me know if it’s still up for grabs:) Feel free to DM me or email me at mmwest711@gmail.com