V2 camper for Gen 2 Tundra FOR SALE

Build #1596 brand new , just installed. 6.5 foot bed. NOT the short bed :slight_smile:

Someone hit the front of my truck so I’m getting another truck , unfortunately this camper won’t fit it . Pretty devastating. Again, perfect condition - only used once for a chill desert camping trip.

If this was for a long bed tacoma I’d be all over it! GLWS!

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Price? 20 characters

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I have a 2013 tundra 6.5’ bed. I am very interested.

Call me at 970-948-7352 to discuss my offer.

Camper is $8.5k and could through in the decked for 9.5k for the camper + decked system.

Price is negotiable 20 characters


Hello. Location? Do you know if there would there be fitment issues with a Gen3 Tundra DC (2015?) due the larger tailgate?

I’m in Sacramento , CA and I’m not sure about the figment but GFC Support has always been helpful answering those kinds of questions. thanks!

Forgot to mention but I’m based in Sacramento, CA. Here’s what the camper looks like setup in my garage. We just bought this house in July so excuse the clutter :slight_smile:


Still available for all those 2nd gen tundra owners out there

Decked drawer system SOLD.
GFC camper is still available!

—-———- SOLD ———-—-


Hello I am very interested in the camper. I am in San Luis Obispo. Give me a text or call if it is still available.
805-709 -3222

Is this still available?