V2 camper for tacoma for sale! *sold

As hard as this is to post, is there anyone interested/looking at getting a GFC? I, unfortunately, will be heading back overseas and as much as I’d love to take my truck and GFC, it’s a no-go. Sooooooo, I’m in the market to sell mine. Long bed Tacoma, black with the stone fabric, tent window options. I would be trying to sell with an OVS 270 awning with 3 brackets, roam 5’ awning with 2 brackets, Rainfly poles, led lighting red/white, and a ladder. Installed April last year and have used a dozen times. Great condition. Asking 9k with all the add ons. If interested shoot me a message and I can answer any specifics or get you additional pics. I’ll also throw in the chopped roof rack, dust lights and ambers installed in the rack.

Located in Maryland.

I’m very interested. New to the forum so I can’t PM you. Please be in touch.


Any questions you got? Number? I can text ya if that’s easier.

(828) 545-5885, thanks.

Hey there, I’m located in Maryland and I am wondering if your last lead worked out? I suspect i am far too late. If you wouldn’t mind texting me at 240.418.4922, that would be splendid!


Interested in the accessories if you wanted to part those out.