V2 camper specific tool set

Hey y’all,

I am starting to plan for my trip out to Montana from Maine. I always carry a mechanics set, but I’m curious if there are GFC-specific tools, bits, etc., I should add to my tool roll. I like to be prepared for everything haha.


Hello JCP,
YES, a set of SAE T-Handle Hex Key Allen Wrench Set. You can just about work on anything on the GFC with a set.
Have fun!

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You probably already have it in your mechanic set, but it’s good to have a 1/2” wrench or socket to retighten the four bolts mounting it to the truck (at least for a Tacoma). They’ll explain at the install but the camper can slightly settle when first driven so you might need to tighten a bolt or two.


Do you know what thread pitch they are? I kinda want to have 2 nuts per bolt so one doesn’t back off

They are bolts going into T-nuts in the Tacoma bed rails, so no opportunity to add a second nut. But I think you’re only supposed to have to do it once really. I’ve double checked mine a couple times and they’ve stayed tight.

Looks like the bolts are 5/16-18.