V2 design timeline for 1st Gen Tacoma

I was informed today by Rachel that the V2 design for the 1st gen Tacomas has not been completed. I was wondering if anyone can comment with a projected timeline for these units to be available? @GFC_Taylor

Taylor is longer with the company unfortunately. But you’re probably looking at quite some time.

The v1 camper was compatible with 1st-3rd gen Tacoma’s given you had the same length bed. I sold the v1 on my 3rd gen and it bolted right onto to a friend’s 1st gen tacoma.

I just picked up my v2 last week and was having a conversation with them regarding fitment. None of the campers will be cross compatible. First gen and second gen tacoma’s will have their own design/fitment.

I have a gen1 tacoma v2 build #12xx. I was told about a month ago that they were close to supporting our truck and would be reaching out this month to schedule the install. Been patiently waiting and understand the updated manufacturing process. Can’t wait to update my lousy camper shell with the V2. I have a packed spring/summer camping schedule so hopefully soon for us.

Thank you for the replies.
While it’s understandable that the older vehicles would have less priority, I find it frustrating that there is no indication of this on the website…

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Damn what happened to your boi @GFC_Taylor
I’ve been missing the pod.

I have a first gen Toyota Tacoma double cab. They told me a few weeks ago looks like June.