V2 for sale XL deliver by 21 October 2021

Hi there
My build number is 2164 and i have paid everything and ready to go
Option is
Front and rear window + 400$
No side doors
Total of 7850
The GFC team asked to conform the bed size however, The project on hold for now until I find a bayer
Confirm delivery time 21 October 2021
Asking price 7850


Build get refunded
The spot for sale number 2164
Expected data end of October


is this still available? anything can be or not changed?

The spot only for sale

650$ price dropped
urgent selling

yes available
nothing is fixed for the moment once you make the full payment it will be fixed

Are you still looking for a spot? GFC is ready for me to pick options and pay invoice. Just asking for my deposit of $575.

Is this spot still available?