V2 for Tacoma DCLB midwest

Recently bought the GFC but selling due to personal reasons. GFC is for 2nd gen but also fits 3rd gen. Only difference is you are supposed to swap panels. I took off the seal from the rear panel that “should” be changed and it fits just fine. So essentially this will fit any second gen LB correctly but also any 3rd gen LB with a tight fit for the rear panel which can be replaced upon buyers choice.

Located in Southwest Burbs of Chicago

GFC has beef bars, solar panels bars, and solar panel. It has 3 entrances into the tent. No rear panel window but does have the cab window. Reach out with any questions.

$7,700 for gfc with accessories

Text me (6304864728) if interested

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What wheel and tire specs are those?

They are summit offroad dakars with wildpeaks 33s. The wheels have -25 offset.

still available?

Sure is


Just FYI, he changed his mind on selling it.