V2 frame looks ripe for running wires internally. Thoughts?

I don’t have my V2 yet, but the pictures make it look like we could “easily” run our electrical wires through the aluminum frame. Anybody with a V2 have insights or experience with this?

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You’d be needing to drill holes into the frame.

In spots yes. It looks like there’s decent access already built into the base supports where the bed clamps are located, which would make running wires easier. Probably just need exit ports drilled in. The one thing that would mess this plan up is if the joints where the corners come together don’t have clear paths.

I’d be weary about drilling any holes on to it. The wall thickness is fairly thin on those extruded bars. I’d talk to GFC and get their opinion before doing so.

You can kind of see in the V2 Video that the some horizontal bars have a clear path but it looks like there is not a clear path into the verticals or from one tube to the other. Seems like they cope the other tubes around the main tube.

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