V2 Frame Well Nuts - breaking easily on me

Anyone else having this issue? Could it be user-error? I am simply unscrewing and adding D rings. Haven’t even added any weight yet. Was charged $10 for a replacement and now I need to replace 3 more.

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Hey Tom,

It looks like they may be over torqued. Well nuts are interesting because you are clamping into rubber, and the torque spec from the manufacturer is 10 in-lb for this specific mo. Which is .866 ft-lb, which is very very little torque. The nut relies on deflection of the rubber inside the tube to prevent pullout, and the tighter you go the more likely the rubber is to tear, and the weaker the pullout strength becomes. These things actually have a really high strength, about 300# if tightened correctly.

Here is a link to a youtube video showing how they work.

Let us know if that doesn’t seem like the issue you are having, and we can look into it further.


Team GFC


Thank you - I think user error and I over torqued. Will Home Depot have the same size? Really appreciate the quick response and video.

I’ve never seen them at home depot, but most local hardware stores with a good fastener selection (Ace hardware?) would likely have them!