V2 Gen 2/3 Tacoma - Fort Collins, CO

Selling my V2 GFC thats on my long bed 3rd gen Tacoma. I haven’t used this sweet camper enough to justify keeping it around. Trying to sell before I move for the summer in a week. This camper has the rear and front window. Also has the taillight, but I have not hooked it up yet.
I cant post any pictures as I am a new member to the forum. Message me and I will send pictures directly.
$7500 obo

Long bed or short bed?

Long bed! Forgot to add this in to original posting.

Interested! does it have the tent side doors? Thank you.

Yes the tent does have rear and side entry as well as the bug netting. I also have a ladder for the tent.

Can you text some pictures to me please? 530 four one four 1540 Thank you.

I’m very interested and local. Please text me at six-zero-three eight-six-zero one-zero-two-eight or DM me.

I’m interested and in foco. I don’t think I can send pm’s yet but send me a message if still available. Thanks

Send your phone number in this chat and I will message you via text. Don’t know how to send pm on the forum.

Sure it’s 3030303 thanks

5033271961 - please send pics

Still for sale? Can you text pics to 831-419-0028 please

deliver to socal an option?? with deposit