V2 GFC for sale in CO

I received and had this newest 2nd generation GFC installed in May 2021 on a 2017 Tacoma with a 5’ bed. It’s only been used overnight for 2 nights and is in new condition. Comes with GFC hardware - crossbar rack mounts to install roof top yakima / Thule bars ($175 add-on option, never put them on). The tent is tan and the interior bars are black. The camper also has front cab side window and rear tailgate windows ($400 value optional add-on). The camper is located in Monument, CO (near Colorado Springs). I regrettably won’t be able to use as much as I originally intended and am willing to sell at a loss for $6500 - Firm.


Great deal! GLWS, not that you need it.

PM. 20 more characters…

I will take it off your hands!!!

Wow you could sell for a profit rather than loss but good on ya. That will bring you some good karma.

Hi, is this still available?

Hey PhilW, I don’t believe it is. I DMes the seller and never got a response. I also found it on FB Marketplace, messages them through that, got no response, and the ad was pulled a few days later. So I’m guessing it’s not available anymore.

Thanks dessert_taco - I didn’t expect it to stick around for long, but was hopeful.

Is this for sale still?

Still for sale?