V2 GFC XL F150 Short bed, fully kitted out - 8K _ SOLD

Hey All,

I have a V2 GFC XL for a F150 Short bed, fully kitted out - 8K.

Comes with:

  • 2x V2 Beef bars
  • GFC Mantis ladder
  • Billet + standard steel GFC clamps
  • 175w Renogy rigid panel with compression passthrough/glad into the camper
  • Camper struts upgraded to 100# from 75#, which is overall much better
  • JE Design and Fab, DripRails and MagSpots
  • Strawfoot front and rear window covers
  • Vernacular (VRNCLR) front frame packs, bedding catch, and top shelf
  • Stock floor panels + pass through panel & pad (see youtube)
  • 1’ memory foam topper and sheets for both bed floor configurations

The topper tent seen off the back is having its zippers replaced. That could be included, too. I’d love to include that lower bench seat/storage. It’ll be available after October 15 here in Santa Cruz. It’s a quick and easy install with a few extra sets of hands. The price is 8k.

Here’s a quick walkaround—

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wish you were closer! Im in FL

Is this still available? I’m interested!

Sold, sorry!