V2 interior dimensions?

I’m having trouble finding the interior dimensions for v2.

  • For the XL platform bed, length x width x “mattress depth” would be great.
  • Height of opening at tall end.

Anyone have these? I couldn’t find it in the FAQ or v2 RTT page.

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Highly recommend contacting GFC for specifics related to the V2. Remember each platform camper is made to a specific vehicle. Just saying!

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Oh good point. But I thought the RTT component up top was consistent if it was a standrd or XL size.

The website say 56x90 for xl campers

As far as thickness there are 2” of foam and the honeycomb is I think 1” if I had to guess. As far as opening not sure.

Like @Airranger84 said hit up GFC and they can give you all the details

Awesome, I clearly didn’t read closely enough. :slight_smile: