V2 interior door latch/release

So I’ve done a search and the options I’ve found don’t match what I’m looking for. Reaching out to close the back door is not the problem. What I’m looking for is a way to latch and unlatch the doors.

I know the rear door has those slides, but you can’t clip the latches closed from the inside. On my leer topper I could twist the handle from the inside to latch the door closed.

It would also be nice to be able to open up the side panels from the inside to engage ‘cabana mode’.

I’m going to keep hunting, but I think the solution is going to be latch replacement.


Move the sliders to open/unlock position. Latch (and lock if you want) the door. Once you are in the truck close the door and position the sliders to lock.

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LOL, yeah those ones I get. But you can’t close the latch from the inside, and I’m curious if anyone has a solution for that and opening and closing the side doors.

I thought I was doing it incorrectly but sounds like there’s no way to lock/latch (from the inside…)

Move the sliders to the bottom position. Close the panel and lock or like normal. Get inside and move the sliders to the upper position.

Is this what your asking? If so, you can definitely lock from the inside.

For myself, I’m referring to the side doors. The rears are by design capable to be open and closed. But the sides I just leave them unlatched.

I’m looking for a solution to this also - any fix?

non yet, I’ve just been leaving them unlatched. But that’s likely gonna change as we move into bear season.

It took me reading the above posts. I’ve included pics. Camping in a rainy Minnesota night in my nice dry GFC.

  1. close the outside latches first, which is counterintuitive.
  2. then slide the inside latches DOWN from their ‘locked’ position so the rear hatch will close
  3. close rear hatch
  4. slide inside latch up so it keeps door from opening
  5. feel sheepish I didn’t figure it out last night, my first night in the GFC, in the Badlands of ND. Had a couple bugs in as a result.