V2 shipping changes

(# 1766 XL) Any word on the V2 shipping factor? It would be nice to have a more cost effective way to ship East of Mississippi River. In videos I’ve seen shipping changes for v2 are briefly mentioned.

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I would think the charges would be cheaper, but then they are expecting the consumer to put it together correctly. I wouldn’t trust most people to be able to change their own oil correctly. Remember, half the population is below average intelligence. Reading instruction manuals is not most peoples strong suits.


Agreed. I don’t think they’ll want customers putting them together. Maybe they’ll end up with licensed dealers in more places which could be picked up from after assembled by a trained professional, but I haven’t heard anything credible about that yet.

Every time it has been brought up, the way they refer to it is more of what you are saying. Almost like a licensed dealer situation.

GFC #1766 XL The simplicity of the v2 frame and assembly shown in video would make it much easier to ship on a pallet via LTL carrier. I would be willing to assemble. Who better to understand the engineering than the customer who will be using, and potentially working on the GFC when something is damaged?

Let’s face it a trip to Montana for a 15 minute repair isn’t economical.

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I asked during an instragram live if it could be broken down for shipping and they said no. That may not have been the best environment for answers though.

I don’t know how well a warranty of parts/workmanship would jive if a customer assembled everything themselves, though.

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the new frame is like an erector set. some of us don’t act like we are above average intellijints. it’s a bunch of screws and glue holding it together

If the glue don’t work, duck tape ficks anything! :man_shrugging:t3::man_shrugging:t3::joy::joy:

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Slow down, Red Green! :joy:


if you can’t duck it, f@ck it

it would be sweet to piss off the UPS driver with 5 giant boxes of parts and then spend the weekend building it. I think it would be easier to build it on the truck than to build it and lift it on the truck

I’m actually looking forward to the pilgrimage to Montana for pickup, but I can work remote. Hadn’t thought about future repairs, so I guess I’m banking on a solid product!

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