V2 tent latch issue - loose

Hey all. Anyone having an issue with their V2 tent latch (there are two of these that secure the tent closed)? One of mine has a spacer (the one that’s loose) and the other does not appear to have a spacer - it is still tight. The loose one is close to falling off and has a ton of lateral play in it. It also doesn’t appear there’s an easy way to replace it with some sort of unique holes on the latch that don’t fit any sort of tool I’m aware of.

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Contact GFC. @ChrisTechOfficial

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@Beerad I think we’ve been in contact through our CS department, and I’ll be handling this ASAP.

Thanks for the tag, @fatfurious2 !

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Perfect. Just got off the phone with Brittany. I’ll make my way north and see you guys in the morning. Appreciate the quick response. :love_you_gesture:

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