V2 threaded inserts

Was curious if anyone has thought of using the threaded inserts on the frame to mount panelling with insulation behind? I don’t have my camper yet, but thinking of winter vs summer use and having a removable insulation option.


I’ve been thinking about something like this. I don’t really intend to insulate, though. My purpose would actually be to use it as an external wall with a side panel flipped up. I have two main reasons for this:

  1. Be able to sleep with the tent down in more extreme weather, but still get some airflow.
  2. Be able to route ducts into the camper from a forced air heater (likely an inexpensive diesel model).

I camp a lot during ski season, where bad weather is desired, so having these two options would make things a bit more comfortable. I could cut holes in the camper and/or my truck bed to achieve both, but I’d rather not make such irreversible changes.

I’m thinking maybe just starting with a painted 1/4" plywood panel bolted (maybe strapped too) to the frame behind one of the side panels with weather stripping to seal around the edges. I’m not sure what kind of weight limits there are for using the frame mounting points, though. Perhaps I could find a lighter material if necessary. It just needs to be able to handle mounting ducts/vents.