V2 XL Camper for Ram 6'4" - $7600

V2 XL Camper for 4th Gen Ram trucks w/ 6’4" bed. Has side doors and windows and sheets. Includes Front Runner wind deflector. No issues, in great condition. Located in Moab, UT.


Truck is also for sale. $58,000 for truck and camper.


Is the camper still available? I have an 07 mega cab. Do you know if this one would be compatible or is it year specific?

Yes, still available. I’m pretty sure it’ll fit the 3rd gen beds. I suggest calling GFC to double check.

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Awesome. Any damage or major areas of concern? I unfortunately live in CA but would be willing to drive out. Do you have any other photos or video?

Tapered bed?

Yes, the ram beds are not square. The camper is, though. It measures 77" x 68".

No damage or areas of concern. It is structurally perfect. Canvas is perfect. Everything works as if new. A few light pinstripes that don’t show up in pics.

Alright cool, just making sure it was for the tapered bed. I’m out in Vegas but can come out this weekend?

Copy. My truck bed is tapered, and it was installed by GFC, so there shouldn’t be any issues with fit if you have a Ram truck with the 6’4" bed. I’ll send you an IM about this weekend if you think you’ll drive out.

Did this sell?

Not officially, but one of the above posters is planning on coming to get it this Saturday. I’ll note in the listing if it sells.

Camper is sold.