V2 XL Spot #12XX - Ready to be built NOW

March production. No options have been selected yet. Pick your options and it will ready to go into production.


Since current production is being based on the type of truck the camper is meant for I don’t see how “ready to go into production is valid.” If it is a Tacoma or other earlier supported truck model then that might be true, otherwise a March build is probably unrealistic.

Just looking out for people that might see this, drop the money, and then have to wait for months if the v2 GFC hasn’t been designed for their truck yet.


^^^^^ what he noted above. Pretty sure Tacoma, Tundra, and the F-150 are the only models in production for V2 right now.


I’m intrigued and would be willing to pay the premium. PM sent

Good points. Im not familiar with how GFC prioritizes their production line up but a 12xx build spot is still a 12xx build spot.

GFC is prototyping the V2 builds for each model while also trying to keep production running. That explains the batch builds rather than build number/order. Once they get a prototype built they fit it to a test vehicle and make necessary changes. GFC recently published a video on the process for an F150.

If anyone has worked in production, they know the battle between production giving up production line time and engineering trying to prototype new processes. One is currently making the company money and bonuses are usually tied to production goals being met and the other is trying to create future business that may, or many not, pan out.


You’re correct but even so, only some models of those you listed are in production. I am #1308 and a Tundra double cab. My build was supposed to be now but GFC said that it would likely be later in April as they have only done the CrewMax thus far.

Well said. They seem to be doing a pretty good job so far. Takes a lot of balls to do what they’re doing. The switch over mid production certainly doesnt make things easier on them. They seem to be working around the clock to get through this transition. I would imagine that once they are on the other side, things will be damn good production wise.

is still available? PM me if so :slight_smile: