V3 tent fabric?

Anyone know what’s up with the tent fabric. Maybe V3?

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Is this a new GFC that you just picked up.

Yeah it’s pretty great. I have V3 on my #800. No more bungie cord on the back. The tent curves in a little and really helps when closing.

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Damn not a fan of the color as it will draw heat with it being dark like that!
This is one of my major problems I have with GFC. They keep changing things up and not updating the site or anyone about it. I spent an extra 500 bucks to have my panels painted a custom color to prevent the draw of heat. Now they go and upgrade the tent fabric to a dark color like that. I mean I get the fact of their constantly progressing and upgrading their equipment but at least give people a heads up. Over the course of waiting to have my camper built it’s gone through three different changes without any notice or heads up about it other than seeing people getting their tents then seeing it. Not very good transparency in my opinion when you spend $9000

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Is that what the shock cord across the tent door is for…to help draw it in when closing it up? I have no issues tucking mine in and I’m always wondering why people have that there…

What else is new on the v3…looks like welded zipper seams maybe? New vent screens? Is the material the same?

Love the color but I can definitely see how this would be hotter than the v2 gray.

I’m always jealous when there are updates!

I thought the bungee was to just keep the fabric from making a bunch of noise in windy conditions, though it does help with getting the fabric closed up IMO


Interesting…I’ll have to try it I guess. I either have mine rolled up and clipped, zipped up, or using the awning arms so I haven’t seen the purpose of the bungee.

It always drives me nuts to see everyone rocking it and I can’t figure out it’s purpose haha! Feeling like I’m missing something…

How are you spending $9,000 on the camper?

With both windows, side tent door, and both custom color components you can easily get to that price range (rounding up of course)

When you say “side tent” are you referring to the windows/doors you can add to the tent?

Stock setup comes with one tent door (over the rear). You can add a second tent door on side of the camper for $525.

Small screen windows are stock

I love the black. I had black on my freespirit and it made sleeping a whole lot better. I don’t understand how you talk about a camper drawing heat when you’re sleeping in a tent… I’d like to know who here is sleeping in their tent when the sun is up anyways?


If you use the camper as a basecamp that is setup all day it does bake in the sun and will hold that heat for quite a while. I use the upper portion as a stand-up desk while living off the grid for days/weeks. The protection from glare from the sun is nice, but it definitely heats up to sweat inducing amounts at times.

The color might make a minor difference but a difference nonetheless.


I remember seeing that the option for side tent doors is now that for the $525 you get two (one on each side) in addition to the one on the back is that correct?

Also, it seems like there is a lot of assuming going on in this thread. Do we know for certain that the tent fabric is only black now? Did GFC issue a statement saying that they were moving to this?

I remember seeing on the GFC Instagram that there were going to be more “options” in the future. Maybe the black is an option if you want it? Has anyone reached out to GFC and asked if there are options regarding tent color now?

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You are correct double doors for $525 see website for options. I like having double door option.

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I would gander it is a one-off for an employee?

I’m in assembly right now, curious if I’ll be getting this fabric?

I picked up my #800 a few weeks ago. It does not have black fabric. It is more of a dark charcoal blue in the sunlight.

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I never saw a GFC in person before picking mine up so I can’t compare to previous versions.

The picture above looks the same as mine which is the newest version. It is nit black. It may appear that way in the photo due to shadows. The fabric is a dark gray color.

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