V3 tent fabric?

@GFC_Taylor any insight on the color variances were seeing and do we have a choice? or what do we have to look forward to getting on our build if It’s in build fase now?

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Or what build # did it change or what # will it be changed.

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The GFC you put a deposit for today will most likely be different/better when you receive it. It’s been this way since the beginning. It’s not advertised but that is how it’s been.

Edit: removed the word than. I’m trying to say that the GFC will most likely improve by the time you get it.


I disagree. The gfc has vastly improved since I paid my deposit and will continue to get better

Understand what you mean now. I agree fully man they have come a long way and I’m excited to see what new improvements they continue to add

Hey everyone. That red Ford is my personal vehicle. As for the tent, we had a supplier run short on the usual fabric colors we use and had to source some alternate colors (tan, green, and black). We figured black would be the least desirable option for many and I believe Taylor reached out to see who wanted it. I kinda liked it for this particular truck. This is a temporary situation so for most future builds these weird colors will be long gone :slight_smile:

As for the tent design, we do make constant improvements to it. We are now on the V3 pattern. Then V3 has a catenary curve along the rear corners which eliminates the need for the exterior bungie. That bungie was only for windy conditions because the V2 design used a wraparound corner that was floppier than the new design. V3 still has the front interior bungie that assists with closing.

Side door option is now either no side doors or two side doors. In my opinion it’s worth having, but they do take quite a bit longer to make (hence the price).

The V3 pattern also eliminates the velcro skirts at the bottom of the doors and the mesh door zips all the way around instead of being open at the bottom.


Thanks for the update @WileyDavis, official communication helps a lot. That said this is the first I’ve heard of the double doors taking “much longer” (of course that makes sense). When I was asked about additional doors option, I specifically asked why this was necessary, as I was stoked to be leaving my bag RTT behind (ladder too). More doors in my mind mean more things to fail, zippers only last so long, yes they are replaceable… I digress… my point is I was told it was to help with temperature on hot days… nothing about this option taking longer. that said if I would have got the answer as you’ve put it, I would have opted to be out of doors sooner vs having more doors.

Looking forward to my camper but consistent, clear, info is King.

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@Camper1088 It doesn’t affect the build timeline at all. I simply meant that it requires more labor hours to produce. We often get asked why we don’t just always include side doors. And the reason is because they add a non-trivial amount to the cost. So we make it an option so that people who don’t need/want it don’t have to incur that cost.

There are pros and cons to each option. No side doors reduces complexity and has fewer parts that could fail. It’s more affordable, cleaner look,etc. Side doors are nice if you want to use a ladder (I use them when carrying a motorcycle on the hitch hauler and can’t open the tailgate but I just climb up on the tire and don’t use a ladder). Side doors also offer more expansive views.

So don’t worry about side doors adding to the wait time. They don’t.


Cheers bro, just ready to “send it”! Side note, the V3 tent sounds dope!

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@Camper1088 Gotta keep the just send it spirit alive :slight_smile:

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I’m hijacking the thread… no apologies. I love the truck. regular cab, probably bench seat, 8 foot bed, dual tanks, assuming 4x4, not a toyota… what’s the year, engine/trans in it,lockers? info please. ok back to topic- will we ever have tent color options specifically camo? even as extra cost I would be happy to “upgrade”


Seems like some pretty solid rounding up there.

I’d take the black over green or tan! If that’s an option for my build in progress pencil me in!

Hey guys,

I wanted to chime in with an update regarding fabric colors.

In the past we haven’t offered choices when it comes to fabric color simply because, based on the volume of fabric we go through, our options are limited. Many of you have probably seen a few different shades of greenish-grey and greyish-blue, which were our preferred color choices as of late. In order to keep up with production, we’ve had to be flexible with our fabric mills, meaning we typically get what we get and we try to maintain some consistency. The overall fabric design hasn’t changed, but some color changes are making their way to production.

Most recently, we’ve run through green and grey fabric and (based on what was available to us from the fabric mill) received a small batch of sand colored fabric and a larger batch of black colored fabric. Our fabric team has started using these colors for tent fabric, and if you’re curious which color your camper has received, please send our support team an email. Most of the tents in production are black. Keep in mind two things: 1) your fabric is typically installed towards the tail end of assembly, so if your camper isn’t in assembly yet, our support staff likely won’t be able to determine what color your fabric is. 2) We are unable to customize your tent fabric color choice. These options are based on what’s available to us to continue production. We do consider both form and function when choosing from what is available. I also happen to think all of these colors are really rad.


I think the black looks great. I ended up with the green, but honestly I think every color you guys have chosen looks good in its own right.


This is the right answer :muscle:


If anyone wants to trade a v3 with double doors tent for my v2 with the lighter green fabric and one door, let me know.

which one do you have and are wanting to trade?

V2 one door for v3 three door.

@dbortz I am kind of regretting selling my ADD Raptor Stealth Fighter bumper now. LOL hopefully my frame cut bumper looks just as rad :call_me_hand: