Vent on Side Doors

Has anybody out there ventured to put a deployable vent similar to how some tent companies have a venting portion on top of their tents with a stiffener piece that can help hold its shape?

Thinking of sewing in a patch into the top end of the side doors similar to how it is on a tent like in the picture. Mine would obviously be oriented vertically to shed any rain, and when the ‘stiffener’ isn’t deployed, would sit flush with the existing side door fabric.

Screen Shot 2023-10-31 at 6.46.07 PM

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I personally wouldn’t do it. Easier by far to add a second zipper pull to the existing zipper and then put something in it to keep it open.

These zipper pulls will go on easy

then you could print something up like this on a 3d printer


And this is precisely why I posted on this forum, that’s a great idea and will definitely do that instead. Serves the exact same purpose and probably could get more ventilation if done. On both sides of each door x 2.


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If you have a 3d Printer I can send you the file… or print a couple up for you for cheap… Having something in the hole (even a big mountain dew bottle) helps keep things open for air to flow out :slight_smile:

I don’t have a 3D printer so would gladly hit you up for a few for sure. I’ll DM you :slight_smile:

Do you by any chance have any photos of the setup in action ? Would love to see !

No pics currently I keep forgetting to take pics with it setup as I usually only use it when it is stupid cold. I will try to get some this weekend

I would also love to see pics and might be interested in buying a few from you as well!

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Interested as well. If you could send a photo to my messages, I’ll send payment info. Cheers!

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Going to get some pics this afternoon for you peeps

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awesome, looking forward to seeing them !

Keep the SUSPENSE up ahahah :slight_smile:

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@ScottH I believe you’ll need 3 pulls top and middle facing opposing and the bottom one facing towards the tail of the door. We did this mod a few months ago and it does make a difference in ventilation.

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Any pics yet ??

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Ok peeps, Monday someone forgot that daylight savings meant I would have no sun at 6pm. Tuesday was raining and cant get into my garage currently due to projects… but went out today.

I put mine on my back door but will work on any. Should only need one new add on zipper pull for each door you do this to so you can open the top up.


For those wanting some Thinking $15? and shipping… I did some design modifications to make it a little easier to print but it is a 12 hour+ print - I just tossed a Tan one on the printer to make sure my changes are good