Vinyl wrap the side panels

Just picked up a new-to-me GFC Camper and I’m over the moon! It’s even better in person. One of the first mods I want to do is vinyl wrap the side panels. I’m not exactly sure where to start… I’d love some input from everyone. I currently have black panels, but am looking to go red!

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Just a note for your installer, I’m driving through the blazing heat in the Midwest and stickers I’ve had on the inside of my camper for 2 years in California are peeling off. Just noticed it today.

Pin stripes will be a problem, and perhaps fading unless you are religious about waxing them. Your red could be pink in a few years…. Have you thought about a durable bed liner like Line-X Xtra (their shiny “no maintenance” finish with UV protection)? They can color match.

That would be my choice.

John Davies
Spokane WA

I’m not sure if linex would be a good choice, it may add a lot of weight to the panels.

Line-X sprayed at 1/8” thickness (typical for the sides of a bed) is 0.7 pounds per square foot (when dry). You can do the math.

John Davies
Spokane WA

I would do an online search; Does car wraps holdup in hight temperatures?