VRNCLR Bedding catch

Got my bedding catch today! Seems very well made, was very easy to install and now my bags are not at the mercy of dog paws in transit. I’m just waiting on another shipment and then we’ll see how well it holds when I’m driving on dirt!


That’s rad! Been slacking on ordering the XL attic. Haven’t seen anybody post pics of these things. Keep us updated with how it works for ya. Been mustering up the nerve to order one of these and some frame bags.

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he makes great stuff, having the advantage of owning a gfc - he can make things that make his own experience better. its spendy but when you realise he is a one man band making everything himself and is made from high quality materials, i havent heard anyone complain about his stuff


Yeah. I ordered some triangle bags. I’m happy to support small business. The price is what it is. I’m hoping the bags will free up space in the cabaña. Space is priceless… I can’t wait to get my bags.



You won’t regret it, I can’t stand stuff rolling around the bed. These bags keep you way more organized.

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Just did 2600 miles through Baja, the bedding catch was clutch!


Unsurprisingly it works well, and exactly as expected. It’s not an easy thing to review because excellence in simplicity often doesn’t stand out, it just does with it’s supposed to. There’s no bells and whistles to go off about, but pointing out that something works so well I never have to think about or futz with it is really my highest praise. The simple pleasure of a well crafted hand made object or tool just can’t be beat, I’ll be getting a frame bag eventually for sure.

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Just curious what truck do you have and what size bedding catch is that? Looks great btw. Thanks!

I grabbed some cargo net and shock cord with a couple d rings, hooks, and 2 or 3 GFC t-nuts, was able to build an attic for about $30. I really dig the style of the vrnclr stuff but haven’t been able to swallow the price yet - especially for this particular item. I for sure can’t build anything with a sewing machine so the triangle bags are still the best I have seen!

I will say for 110% certainty - having a place above to stash stuff is great. Especially when the dogs are in the bed of the truck - keeps them blankets from getting furry.


Any pics? Sounds like something I would possibly do as well.


Came out nice, it looks tighter than the catch is so it might even be more secure. I was going to go this route as well but then my bonus ended up being good to me, and I like hand made bags. Best way to check someone’s sewing is to look at their stitches, worth it to me as a spot check on the likely quality of construction in the frame bag.

Yeah - it works and was cheap. I figured if I didn’t like it (still a true statement), I can always order the VRNCLR. Their product is quite different in that it is a hammock of nylon with the cords stitched into the edges and then strung underneath. That seems like a good design - but without a sewing machine I was limited to what I could get done.

There is not a doubt in my mind the VRNCLR products are amazing - and that’s just my looking at photos and ignoring all the awesome reviews.

I like how well his stuff is made. Been pretty useful. I just removed my bedding catch from VRNCLR.
I don’t know, but I got tired of seeing it jouncing up and down like a ballsac in the bed of my camper.
I think I am going to attach it w/o the shockcords and see how that works.


Hahahah I mean someone’s probably going to be offended by this but I just started laughing while in the middle of checking out at a store.


Loving my bedding catch. Saves a whole tote worth of space to make room for a fridge or other goodies :slight_smile:


New Nissan and Ford GFC Goods on the way :slight_smile:


Anyone using these with a front “window” molle panel? Wondering how much the 2 would interfere with each other?

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I made triangle bags and have a front molle panel - no issue. I think my bags are larger than VRNCLRs bags so i would expect more issue with what i have than what they sell.

I was more curious about the bedding catch. Seems like it would share a lot of space with things mounted to the molle panel but hard to tell from pics.