Want to Buy GFC V2 RTT PLEASE!

I’m looking to purchase a used GFC V2 RTT from someone looking to part ways with theirs. I’m going to be cutting a pass through or I would try new. And no it isn’t for a truck.

Thanks in advance,

Sounds rad.

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where are you located?


I have a Gen 1 RTT in VA if your interested/close enough to pickup.

I am in California and have v2 available for sale. Let me know if interested.

north Texas sir !

I wonder if I could get shipping arranged? Where exactly are you?

Where in California Sir?

Thanks my friend…its a project I will be working with a Bronco top builder as well. I have a Youtube channel dubbed Maximum Overland where I will document the process.

I am in San Francisco area. But also visit Southern California often. Let me know if you’d like to chat. Thx.

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Definitely and thanks for the response. please direct email me at btriplett@amatechtel.com


Hey Maximum Overland,

I’m in the Charlottesville Area in Virginia. I can easily drive the two hours or so to DC if that makes any difference aswell.

hey please email me directly.
btriplett@amatechtel.com or text me. 806-674-1383
Im in North Texas, so i would have to arrange a shipping company pick up.