Want to buy: RTT, new or old

good day folks,

i’d like to buy your RTT! i’m located in Oregon and am willing to drive to meet up. i have cash.

please let me know what you’ve got and let’s do this!

little bump here…
still looking,

I have spot #2057 for sale. Production is in August. $750

I’m waiting on my V2, scheduled for August, will be selling my V1 after that

where are you located?

hey there,
i’m in bend oregon

are you still planning on selling your V1?

Just put payment down on my V2, originally said for August pick-up. V1 will be for sale sometime around then.

what are you asking for the v1?

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Unless I mess it up in the next month I was planning on $3500. I’m in central CA where are you located?