Want to Buy Used F150 Camper or Your Unwanted Spot

I’m about to put my deposit down and get my spot in line but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to ask before I did. If anyone wants to sell their XL camper for a 2017 F150 I’d love to here from you. I’m located near Seattle if that helps anyone’s decision.

Also, I’ll be deployed out of the country starting in October for about 7 months so I’m not in a huge rush for a build. However, if there’s anyone who needs/wants to get rid of their spot and I can get a completed order June-August 2021 (when I’ll be getting home) I’d love to help you out.

Feel free to message me at Dale.bernstein@yahoo.com if you have any questions for me.

There is someone selling theirs right below your post :smiley:

I saw that and got pretty excited. Unfortunately I won’t be able to make the drive to where they are before I leave the country on deployment.

Hey Dale, I just emailed you about a build spot I would be happy to sell you and save you a couple of bucks. I’m outside Seattle as well and can work with you on the timing. Thanks.