Want to Buy- V2 Platform RTT with 4Runner-specific Mount

Title says it all

Due to GFC not allowing for the transfer of build spots of the Platform RTT, you’ll have to take delivery and then sell it to me. List any additional accessories you ordered and I’ll consider them. Looking for-

Beef Rack Cross Bars x2
Universal Bracket(for awning) x2
Solar Tray
Track Nugget(8-pack)

I am located in Seattle, WA but will drive to pick it up from you. I’ll reimburse you for mileage if we meet somewhere closer to me

Cash is king so let’s make it happen

Just an FYI, you won’t need the wind skid on the V2. They changed the hinge so that it’s internal now and the shape of the front resembles the front of the V1 with a skid. There’s no extrusion along the bottom front anymore to even put the bolts into


Noted. Thanks for the info!

Bump. I’ve seen people respond in other peoples post, wanting to sell theirs. Instead of swooping in and hijacking their post, figured I would bump this for visibility.

See my original post and let’s make a deal