Wanted: Camper for 09 Chevy 2500

Hi there!

Looking to see if anyone is interested in selling their GFC camper that fits a 2009 Chevy Silverado 2500 short bed. I am located in socal, but will travel a reasonable distance to pick up.


I hope someone has what you’re looking for but just as a heads up GFC makes each camper specific to each truck so the chances of them having made one for that gen silverado is very low, let alone made enough where there’s a resell market. If you had a newer tacoma or tundra you’d be flush with options! I put my order in for a 2nd gen Colorado and there’s a group of us colorado owners here that don’t have a definite build date because they’re still getting everything perfect for our model. You can definitely expect a longer wait if you order for an 09 silverado vs a 16 Tacoma. Worth the wait in my opinion.

Also, an LMM with a go fast camper would be pretty badass!

Thanks for the info! Yeah, I have noticed that there is not many trucks like mine with a GFC camper. I saw one pop up on here for my body style that was local and a good deal, but missed it.

I have one on my 08…they are hard to find as no other models interchange with ours! Good luck with your hunt on getting one but I do believe only a handful have been made that actually fit our bed deminsions.

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Yep and I probably missed my chance, lol. Nice truck! What tire size and lift/level do you have?

Thanks…it’s just leveled with 275/70/18 bfg all terrains

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