Wanted - Camper for 5th gen Ranger, 5ft bed

Looking for a GFC for my 5ft bed 2020 Ranger. Thought I’d put this out there before buying a build spot. I’m in California, central coast area.

I have a standard camper on 3rd gen Tacoma 5’ bed I might be looking to get rid off. You can check if that fits the Ranger or if there’s anything different from the Tacoma vs. the Ranger that wouldn’t make it compatible. I can share details if it works.

A while back I had inquired of GFC if one from a Tacoma that was for sale could work in my Ranger, maybe just change the mounting brackets. They basically stated it was a no go. But maybe with some pictures and dimensions I could figure out a way. I’ll DM you my email.

@Aleja_333 are you still considering selling your 3rd gen Tacoma camper? Can you email me @ jesusplata1@hotmail.com if so. I’m interested