—Wanted—spot in the 700s

Looking for a spot in the 700s, I know it’s a long shot but I figured I would ask. Currently sitting on 893. Would be stoked to swap spots Plus a 150bucks. 

Figured I would ask DM me

Hi Mhoward,

Are you still looking for a spot in the 700s?


I actually just snagged one. Thanks though.

I’m looking for a spot as well if you have something. Currently in the 900’s, so I’m interested in anything a good bit lower.


@Jake I just PM’d you.

Are you still looking for a spot? Mine is #897, which isn’t much lower, but thought I’d ask. Thanks

What month would that land on ?

I’m not. I was able to pick up a spot in the 600s. Thanks for the reply.

Thanks for asking, but I already found another spot.

Spot #897 build date would start Sep 2020.

Do you still have a spot in the 700s?