WANTED: Will pay 2 to 3x your deposit. Looking for a build date XL


I am willing to pay 2-3 times your deposit for a build spot that would be April or before. I have a ram 1500.

Please let me know what you have if you are interested.

Thank you!


build start dates aren’t based on number anymore. they went to what kind of truck it is being built for. I’d call to see when they plan on doing your size truck/bed

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What @blackhearse said.

When did that change? Thanks for letting me know

I believe/opinion that those with the “Popular” Toyota Tacoma trucks will be built sooner that later…just an opinion…

it’s not opinion. for the V2 rollout they switched to “starting with the most popular size(tacoma) first then working down the list”. I’m guessing it’s because they have to retool the whole process for every size truck/bed. it boned a lot of people including myself. I had an early february build date and now it’s pushed back to late may maybe june… but I might get a free hat or something for the “slight” inconvenience

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Yeah its unfortunate for those that don’t have a Tacoma…You have an XL?

Yes I have an XL (Ram 1500)

Did they tell you late may/june or are you just assuming that? I have a Tundra (#1308) and GFC said in the V2 email that I was still slated for a March 2020 start date. I even called to confirm and they said the same. I dont know that this “change” is going to be as substantial as everyone is thinking.

#1229 and I was told by Mike that it is a late may possibly june build

@blackhearse, what type of truck do you have?

I have the rarest of the rare… extended cab fifth generation ranger. still no excuse to take me front the front of the line and put me at the back of the line