Water in Beef Bars

I was replacing my rusty beef bar mounts and when I removed them a ton of water came out. Has anyone else seen this and have a solution? I was thinking about using some silicone to fill it in once it dries out.

Sometimes it is easier to give water a way out rather than fight to keep it out. I’d probably just drill some small holes in the bottom of the aluminum extrusion, but maybe GFC will chime in as I am sure this would kill any warranty.


The problem with water is it will always find a way in and if it doesn’t have a way out it will sit. I’m a custom home builder by trade and we are always figuring out solutions to divert water and keep our spaces watertight. I agree with josh. Drilled holes would be a better solution for this. The way the tracks are designed it only makes sense to have the water drain out with weep holes.

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You can add drain holes! I would drill the holes a couple inches from the ends of the extrusion track. The holes do not need to be massive, so keeping them within the extrusion track opening will be sufficient. As with all drilling projects, be mindful of your surroundings and what you may drill through if you drill past the hole. GFC is not liable for any mishaps that may occur as drain holes are attempted.

Let me know if you have any other questions!


My only thought here is that the track itself is not the lowest point on the beef rack, there’s two “channels” running alongside the raised part… water will still collect there?

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If the holes are drilled at the same location on the top/bottom, then most of the water will drain directly through—you could use a smaller drain hole at the top and drill a bigger hole at the bottom to help facilitate such. Whatever water remains inside the Beef Rack will not hurt anything, but I get your point: you do not want a lot of water accumulating along the channels. If you want to add more drain holes at the bottom, you can certainly do such, just be sure those holes are offset enough to clear the screws that self thread into the sides.

This may have been asked before but I will ask again. If the beef mount brackets are rusting is this something GFC will replace if I submit a service request?

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@NateW we treat rust issues on an individual basis. Traditionally, the only customers that have had rust issues live and/or spend time near the ocean. So for customers that spend time in environments that are known to cause rust/corrosion, we recommend using a rust protectant (e.g., Fluid Film, AMSOIL HDMP, or Boeshield) on steel components like the Beef Rack Towers. With that said, we strive to make sure our customers are taken care of, so if you have an issue, submit a Service Request Form where we can get you taken care of :slightly_smiling_face:

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The back side of the new version has a machined channel to let the water out of the extrusion.