Water issues (corner of truck bed)

So I have the corners of my bed sealed up as best as I could get it. Yesterday I was caught in a really bad storm, and this morning when I checked the floor of the bed, my carpet, and my drawer/shelf was soaked. I started looking at the camper and I noticed this gap that’s circled in the picture. I poured water into it and it just poured into my bed.

Just wondering how y’all solved this issue?

Have you submitted a service ticket with GFC? I know others have had similar issues and sounds like something may be in the works, but I’m sure they can shed more light on that.

There’s a solution for this. It’s really easy fix. Put in a service request form. Short answer is some butyl tape in the top corner.

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Stock tacoma is tough. I shoved a bunch of butyl tape in the stock gaps and still occasionally get water.

Do you think its coming from the top or running down channel and going into that stock area you filled?

Regarding the top corner. I put a few beads of Lexel and that helped a lot. GFC kindly sent me a tube after submitting a ticket.

It’s definitely running down that channel and getting into the corner of the bed somehow. I stuffed the gap of that corner before putting the camper on, but there still seems to be a hole somewhere. I poured water directly into the channel and it poured into the bed.

That corner is so tricky. I’ve done the same! Sometimes I go months without getting water in and then randomly sometimes I do. I wish Toyota didn’t have it or sold proper plugs.

I know I’ve found the 3M Butyl Rubber Strip-Calk very helpful in sealing random areas.

It’s more than likely running down and seeping into the bed via the tacoma. That corner, like others have mentioned, is a true pain in the rear to seal on the tacomas.

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Yeah it’s definitely channeling the water into the area that’s hard to seal up on the Tacoma

I just put all kinds of stuff on the inside and outside, and also put a weather stripping in that channel… water is still coming in. At this point I don’t know how and I can’t really see any openings.

I’m about to rig up some kind of funnel that will drain the water into a hole in the bed

Did you seal your bed before the GFC got put on?

Just another voice contributing that this is a real trouble spot on Tacomas. Mine is a 2nd gen but I’m guessing 3rd gens are similar. The bedrail sides are like an inch higher than the side close to the cab and this just introduces lots of opportunity for water entry.

I’m still working on mine after a year and a half with the GFC. Have done combo of caulking and butyl tape like others mention. Just keep working at it and you’ll get there!

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GFC responded, they are sending a service kit which is awesome, but the leak is coming from that bed corner. I found this stuff, and I’m ordering it. I’ll just hit the upper corners of the bed and hopefully that will seal it off.

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Let us know how it goes. Been loving following your build.


Will do! And I appreciate it!

Not sure if you’ve used this in the past but do a test spot first not on the truck/camper. A little goes a long way. I’ve seen door jambs bow out 1" because a home owner shot too much in a gap and pushed the jamb away from the frame like a wedge. Wouldn’t want to open a bigger hole somewhere else while closing up your target hole.


For sure! That stuff can go wild lol

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I have a Ram 1500 and have had to find and seal some leaks. By no means can you totally seal a pickup bed but this is how I found my leaks.

After sunset when it is real dark close yourself in the bed. Then get a very bright flashlight and have someone slid it down every seam. Seal where you see any type of glow. This also works on tent seams.

I also had water wicking along the length of the bed rail on both sides. Dripping on my Solar System Controller. You would think the side doors were leaking but it was a good example of capillary action. I squerted a very small amount of Permitex at the tail gate end of the bed rail ans rubber seal for the camper. Making a dam to deflect the water before it got in the truck bed. NO More leaks on my equipment.

I use Permatex - The Right Stuff 1 minute gasket maker. It is rubber, flexable and not effected by UV.
I have a 97 Jeep Wrangler TJ and use it to seal water leaks on my fire wall, above the windshield, doors and many more I have forgotten about.


The spray foam I mention above worked well, it slowed down some of the water. But there’s a spot that I need to tackle, just need to figure out how. But for now I used to weather strip to make a levee around a preexisting hole where the water comes down from. It actually works great :joy: