Water Port - Off Road Shower

Has anyone had any experience with https://thewaterport.com/?

Was curious if you could mount to extrusion on GFC.

I plan on trying this soon. I have one at my house and some extra t nuts laying around.

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I only have the small t nuts on hand, need some spacers to make it work but definitely doable. 2 could easily hold it but you can add a 3rd center bolt if wanted. You can choose to mount on the upper holes or lower holes.

@murphy1377 you could while parked but I wouldn’t recommend driving/ wheeling around with it up there.


Agreed, I would leave the waterport itself up there. Itd is more like something you need to set up at camp.

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I have a waterport mounted to my bed rail tracks. Love it. Im at the beach everyday so its perfect for sand management. When my Camper is done i’ll be mounting it to the tracks. I just dont know if it will fit between the GFC mounts. Can anyone with their camper tell me the distance between the gfc bed rail mounts? I sure hope it fits otherwise I guess i’ll just mount it to the front bed rail (which I added to my 3rd gen). Only thing is thats where I keep my high lift jack and I dont know anywhere else to keep that heavy clunky thing…

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Also I wouldent mount it as your asking to the gfc exterior. Its over 53lbs full and that mount is a little “bouncy” with all that weight.

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I have a Tacoma SB. Had to add a spacer to mount the Waterport on the side bed rail to clear the GFC mounts.

I was thinking that but was worried about stability. Do you have any more info/picture of the spacer?

I used a 3/4" thick piece of wood painted black to clear the GFC mounts. Attached another piece of wood below the bed rail to stabilize it so it doesn’t rotate when the Waterport is full of water.


Is this setup still working for you? Can you clarify the stabilizer piece?

I just got my waterport, went out to install and was sad.

Luckily I found your post to give me some hope.

I ran onto a space issue with the other gear I carry so I’ve changed how I’ll carry water but there were no issues with mounting and filling the waterport using the wood spacer as I described.

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